When I Am Yours

He has ordained every breath I take;
He has foreseen every choice I make.
He has ordered every hour of the day:
Evening and morning, work and play.

He has fulfilled my every need,
Never will He ignore my pleas.
In everything He’ll stay by my side
He’ll always be here as my guide.

I’ve struggled long under my difficulties,
I’ve ached and groaned over uncertainties,
Yet this stems from my own decisions––
A result of my soul’s twisted visions.

It’s so very hard to run my own life
For my strength fails and leads only to strife.
When I’m on my own, I’ll only feel pain.
Anxiety and heartache will be my chains.

But my God is King and His glory reigns!
Even through suffering and life’s hurricanes.
For whatever the path holds I know to rely
On Him who is with me, till the hour I die.

I am Yours, Lord God Redeemer,
I can only be Yours, dear Savior.
To be free I must let go––
I must let go to grow.

When I am weak I know You are strong;
Your love endures all the day long.
Even if I turn from Your face
You’ll call me back to Your arms of grace.

I needn’t bear burdens that are not mine;
Simply I will lay them in Your arms divine.
I won’t bother with earth’s concerns
Instead, it’s to You I’ll return.

I must not dare to push You away
From the places You certainly should stay.
I cannot take Your role in anything
Instead Your glories I must sing.

Dear Lord Jesus, I am resting
Completely in Your wings.
You’ve helped me relinquish control;
Now I can learn from You in full.

God, You are my one, true source of peace;
In You, my mind’s troubles and fear cease.
In You, I find again how to trust
For You are both merciful and just.

God, now I am free
For it is You that I seek.
I will follow You in all I do.
Let my love be genuinely true.

I need not fret or worry at all,
For You, my God, are my only song.
Earth and life may pass away
But eternally You will remain.

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