Ravenous Poetry

Waking up, sun rises, cold morning smells
Ozone and gasoline and clean air
Staring at the rain, grey rain, pouring down my windowpane
Watching little rainbows dance in each droplet

I can’t believe Your love, sometimes
How it’s written, not with paper and ink
Although part of it lies there too
But is home in my heart, in the depths of my soul

I see Your love, Your crazy love
Inscribed in the flawless construction of the universe
The boundaries of time and dimension
The skillful spacing of the stars

The immaculate structure of my DNA
Ten thousand smiles of the ones I love
You are in it all
I see You in everything

All I can do now is wonder and admire
Stare in rapture and in awe
Shout, scream, spill
Ravenous poetry

I’m hungry for You, hungry for beauty
Anything good, something to satiate
The wild, ferine desire of humanity
When You find me, I’m full

It is true that we are all broken
We’re all messed up in some way or the other
Wrongdoers, flawed, sinners
Of which I’m the worst

Shattered glass, broken panes
We’re beautifully broken
All fractals and fractures
Little kaleidoscopes, all of us

I could tell You I don’t deserve this love
This love I know
This love I believe
This love so true

I could tell You I don’t deserve it
And it is true, I know it better than anyone else
But—You tell me—who am I to determine what I deserve or not?
If You say this crazy love is mine, it is mine

This gift that You’ve given me
It is beautiful
It is terrifying
Terrifyingly beautiful

So make me live the way You want me to
Hold me together or break me apart
I don’t care, Lord
Just please let me come along

Let me see You in every angle of my life
The rainbows in the rain
The stars in the night
The light in the darkness

I will sing of You and Your crazy, crazy love
Unmerited, unconditional, undeserving
Let me yell out ravenous poetry
Hungry for love, for more of You

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