Sci-Fi Battle Music

There’s a lot of stellar tracks out there for writing sci-fi battle scenes, but here are my top favorites.  They all are thrillers and certainly make you pumped up enough to go work out.  That’s saying a lot!

Epic Badass Hybrid Music | Aggressive Modern Orchestral Mix 1:12:32

Freestyle/Rap Battle Instrumental Beat 3:09

The following songs are Mandalorian (a war-like people in the Star Wars EU) marching songs.  They are also written in Mandalorian and have a really good kick to them.

Vode An Gra’tua Cuun Ka’rta Tor (Brothers All, Our Vengeance, One Heart of Justice) 6:16

Rage of the Shadow Warriors – Extended 15:44

Click here: My Complete Sci-Fi Battle Playlist (more added as I find them)

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