Sci-Fi Ethereal Noveling Music

These tracks are great for reflective scenes, nostalgic chapters, or space travel.  They evoke a feeling of slight sadness and dreaminess.  Expect heavy reverb and various instruments, as well as lovely blending.

Epic Space Music Mix | Most Beautiful & Emotional Music | SG Music 33:06 (This is one of my favorites.)

Stellardrone – Light Years [Full Album] 44:45

STARLESS SKY – Best Of Epic Music Mix | Powerful Beautiful Orchestral Music | Twelve Titans Music 42:59

Emotional Epic Acoustic Guitar Orchestral | Sparks – Mattia Cupelli 7:58

INTO THE VOID | 1-HOUR | Epic Futuristic Space Music Mix | Epic Sci-Fi Hybrid Music 1:01:30

Also, check out these lovely soundtracks created by SpaceAmbient!

SpaceAmbient’s YouTube Channel

There’s a variety of ambient music here, from slow to upbeat.  These tracks have a feeling of curiosity to them, perfect for writing sci-fi!

Click here: My Complete Sci-Fi Ethereal Playlist


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