Sci-Fi Radio Chatter Ambience

In the sci-fi novel I’m currently writing, I have a few scenes involving military operations.  I like listening to background “noise” that is related to the scene I’m writing.

The tracks contain a fair amount of garbled chatter, some beeping of machinery, telephones ringing, humming, squeaks of doors closing and opening, and clanking of equipment.  The one with space static has a more “sci-fi” feel to it, muted voices through a radio, echoey whine of ships, and more reverb.  This one is a bit quieter so you may want to up the volume.

Here’s my YouTube Sci Fi Radio Chatter Ambience playlist!

Police Radio Chatter Sound Effect [Extended] 5:22

Police Dispatch Sound Effects 2:77

Police Station Background Sound Effects 2:27

Elite Dangerous Background Radio Chatter and Ambient Space Static 1:00:00

Click here–>Complete Sci Fi Radio Chatter Communications Playlist (more will be added as I find them)

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