My Sister Wrote a Song!

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s viewed, liked, subscribed, and commented on my blog! I appreciate more than you could imagine!

Those who know me understand that I love music and writing, and music and writing together is even better!

My amazing sister, who’s more talented at music than I am, wrote a song! She has a little YouTube channel, and she’d love it if you watched, liked, left a comment, and subscribed!

Disbelief is the first song of three so far. Her songs are about love and friendship.

Disbelief started as a poem and transitioned into a song. She originally came up with the chords on a ukulele, but for the video she plays a guitar and an electric bass. She wrote, played, and sang this song entirely by herself.

This song is about forbidden love.


Verse 1:

My mind is going crazy
Do I do this?
But I’ve found the one for my soul

I said it was impossible
I cried it can’t be plausible
But I’ve been wrong sometimes
I’ve been wrong sometimes


Oh, you don’t know what I’m going through
World’s tipping
Mind’s spinning
I can’t get past you

Verse 2:

I feel like I’m dying
I’m falling blindly
I’ve searched my feelings
Over again

Maybe it is possible
Though it’s hardly thinkable
Though sometimes I’ve been right
Sometimes I’ve been wrong



You don’t know what’s behind that mask
He won’t tell you if you asked
Sometimes he’s lonely
Sometimes he’s glad

Thoughts are swirling in my mind
Every day I live I die
The trouble’s deep down
In my soul

(Chorus 2x)

2 thoughts on “My Sister Wrote a Song!”

  1. I loved the music and the lyrics! Also your sisters voice is ten times better then mine so I’m a tad jealous. If I had one suggestion to make it better is to try making the music quieter other then that it was fabulous!

    Liked by 1 person

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