Epic Sci-Fi Noveling Music

Bring on the epic sci-fi music! No, seriously, if you need some pumping up—listen to these. Or if you’re like me and you’re writing science fiction, this is your stop.

My full playlist has a few more tracks, but these three below are the best so far. For one, they all start with a cool title in caps. In all seriousness though, the deep alive sound the music brings plunges you straight into the world you’re exploring. If you have good headphones, use those, since ear buds don’t quite do justice.

Then there’s the question whether sound is alive or not. Oh, well, it’s sci-fi.

HYPERDRIVE – Epic Powerful Futuristic Music Mix | Epic Sci-Fi Hybrid Music 27:39

SUPERHUMAN – Epic Powerful Heroic Music Mix | 2 Hours of Epic Legendary Instrumental  2:00:02

EXTRAHUMAN – Epic Powerful Space Orchestral Music Mix | BEST OF EPIC MUSIC – Cézame Trailers 35:52

Click here for my full Epic Noveling Sci-Fi Playlist

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