I started freewriting in my journal a few weeks back. Sometimes I’m frustrated with how people interact with each other today. Little questions like,”How are you?” aren’t genuine requests for honesty, but rhetorical questions. So often, I wonder why we try to pry affirmations out of each other. Although wanting affirmation is not entirely a bad thing, uncomfortable but necessary truth is slowly lost in the process.

Well hey
What can I say
When you come and ask
If your fancy mask
Is pretty enough
And if all your stuff
Looks good overall
On this gilded wall
Between you and the world

A hastily furled
Veil of shame
To hide your pain
A secret burden
They’ll never see you hurting

You ask
And you gasp
And you plead
With no heed

So hey
What can I say
But yes, I agree
You look lovely?

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