Acrostic Series: #2 Voyage

Inspired by this instrumental: Epic Futuristic Space Music Mix. Epic Sci Fi Music. UEM.

Every morning I wake up, I set my mind on the day’s events, but
Xenization is never my first thought, though I live it inside.
People pass me by, their cares and loves and fears galaxies apart from mine.
Loneliness clouds my thoughts, and still I don’t reach out, reach into the
Orbits of different souls, or dare to understand the
Remarkable idiosyncrasies and passionate yearnings of the individuals
Around me. If I delve deep inside there is a part of us that is all the same. All I must do is
Trace it down and take it slow. It is a rarity today; silence and slowness, listening and loving.
Inside the depths of the heart, it is a lonely journey; a high calling.
Often we regard only ourselves, but if we pause to hear that still, small, sacred voice inside us,
Normal days become epic voyages across universes, where we reach heaven and home.

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