Love Is Like a Star

Love is like a star
It beckons from afar
Throws its crazy light
Into your darkest night

Stars Are Queens

flames coruscating outward, offering a forceful invitation
counting you among a history
of explorers on heedless reckless embarkations
they hope to count you among the corpses of countless discoverers

delving into every aspect of a mystery
but sharper, sharper, the lies are glaring
now in perspicuity
but were always there
hidden under a blanket of welcoming

flames and lies eating up your heart
a scintillating orb so massive and bare
swallowed up into passion—you’ve lost yourself

beauty, awe, flaring warmth and caring glow
in the dark they grow and live, and call you nearer
come, my love—they say—I want you and you alone
each step closer, brazen soldier, you see it clearer

Stars Are Queens
such brutal rulers
none of us are truly clean
but are we all so cruel?

Sun sinks down
Seceding to the night
A million stars
Fuel its blazing light

5 thoughts on “Love Is Like a Star”

  1. My favorite part:

    “none of us are truly clean
    but are we all so cruel?”

    Beautiful, amazing poem. Thank you for writing it.

    And thank you for the Like on my own post. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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