Situation Report: Fibonacci Monster (Part 5.5)

The Captain looks exhausted. He always does, Elrin notes, but this time he looks exceptionally enervated.

Esther’s death has been hard for everyone, especially for herself and the Captain. She misses Esther’s fire, her spunk, her bold risktaking. Elrin’s always taken the safe route. Esther didn’t, and that cost her her life. Is it bravery or recklessness?

The Captain motions for her to sit down. Elrin sinks in to the soft chair. Yesterday morning, Esther was here, giving her report to the Captain, possibly in this very chair. How everything has changed.

“I just ordered a beacon to be placed around Gamma XA-113.” He runs a wrinkled hand over his face. “No ship will ever run into that place again.” His voice breaks on the last word, but he composes himself. “I’m so sorry.”

Elrin doesn’t know how to respond. “I hope that Henry Paskal—will be rewarded for his—” Elrin chooses her words carefully. “—his considerate and creative actions.”

The Captain nods, almost imperceptibly. He gives a rueful smile. “Honestly, Elrin, I haven’t even written up anything yet. I will recognize Henry for his actions.” A blank look washes over his face. “I need to enter one last thing into Esther’s service log, and finish that situation report.”

Elrin nods. Grief takes time, but life goes on. Esther would hate it if she let herself spiral—she’ll keep going, if only for her sister’s memory.

Elrin gets up silently and smiles gently. “Captain, if you would like me to help with the situation report, I’ll gladly help.”

The Captain leans back in his chair. “I think that would be a good idea.”

5 thoughts on “Situation Report: Fibonacci Monster (Part 5.5)”

  1. Oh wow, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m so excited to begin editing. I’ve never really reached the end of a story I enjoyed writing. Actually, the story itself is a bit confusing so I will definitely have to fix that.

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Your feedback is invaluable.

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  2. Hi Emily,

    I will need to read your whole story in its entirety when you publish it. What I read was very descriptive and interesting. There were a few confusing parts because I dropped in after the beginning. Well done on getting it all posted.

    Happy Easter,


    On Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 4:55 PM In the Silence Between wrote:

    > Emily Faith posted: ” DEPARTMENT OF THE SPACE FORCE Captain, Interstellar > Science Fleet, USS Venture 2984 123/799 10 JUL 2455 FROM: Captain Julius > Baley of the USS Venture, Lieutenant Elrin Max of the USS Venture TO: Maria > Sanchez, Secretary of Space Explora” >


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