Dream Big

they’ll take the crayons
from you
pry your fingers
(stubborn they are, they say)
off its waxy labels
and tell you –
Roses Must Be Red
The Sky Must Be Blue
Sugar Is Always Sweet –
and what boxes fit you

they’ll tell you your life is art –
messy abstract art
(within the lines, never color outside the lines)
with a rattle-shake of the head
they chide you
and so you always know
to make
suns circles
stars five-pointed

at a certain point they’ll remind
hammer in a peg of knowledge
(hold your face in their viselike hands)
peer into the portals of your eyes
Dream Big
(with a hush and a whisper)
Dream Big

you will answer back
(feel tempted to yell back)
and your dreams –
they’d taken flight
shaped a constellation
against the space-black ceiling of

There Was No Dream Bigger Than Yours

when you hold the box
of wood-scent
crayons –
(you make all haste)
you pull out paper
not quite white
but a just-off-the-birthday-cake
kind of color

you don’t leave it that way
(never blank, paper hates being blank)
you fill it with tint and tinge and tone
as it should be
with green roses
a purple sky
pinpoint stars
a heartshaped sun
you are scolded
so you change

so you want to be a good kid
it’s very easy to start
begin by
mixing all the play dough
till it is all one color
till you can’t distinguish
one from the other
How Beautiful
A Tank Scum Green
Like The Scales Of A Blind Fish
Algae Coated Glass
How Beautiful

Dream Big
so you did
Dream Big

This is another poem I wrote for English class.

11 thoughts on “Dream Big”

  1. It’s very clear as to what kind of story it is, and that will call out to your target audience. Honestly, it’s a little confusing and long. Maybe you could reduce it down to a shorter (4-6 sentence) paragraph?

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  2. Twelve-year-old inventor Levy Mozes Roarke has always dreamed that one of his wild inventions would someday make history. Yet, he never dreamed that his Fizz-E-Drive engine would play a role in altering the timeline. in a case of mistaken identity, Levy accidentally abducted and transported back to the past where he lands in the epicenter of a time war that is being fought throughout history. One side, led by an eccentric time-traveler, Mr. Cross, wants to enlighten important figures from the past in order to create an idyllic portrait of the future. While the covert A6 team attempts to keep the fragile time line intact, imperfections and all. Both sets of time travelers attempt to persuade Levy that Destiny has called him to be the hero history needs. Levy struggles with whom he should trust and what his role in history truly is.
    The truth is no matter how this story turns out, no one will ever look at history the same again.
    Chronolocity Vol.: I A Fistful of Chronotons is a Science Fiction novel with a dose of Historical Fiction sprinkled within. Chronolocity, like the name implies, is a time travel hybrid of Sci-fi and old Western titles (Fistful of Dollars) because the series has a anachronistic flavor as two time-lines inter-weave. If you enjoy sci-fi/fantasy, and superheroes this story will resonate with you. My novel has elements of historical figures with “what if’s” from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, odd quirky characters as seen in Netflix’s Stranger Things, and peers inside the logic and emotional parts of the human mind as we meet in the mind of twelve-year old Riley from Pixar’s Inside Out. The theme of my book is “History Just Got Personal”. That means that we should develop the unique ideas, gifts, and talents God has given each of us, even though you might face many unfair obstacles in order to achieve them. Whereas there is often a disparity between science and faith in many of popular fandom movies and books, I see how they interweave seamlessly in spite of their supposed differences.

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  3. Thank you so much Gary! My teacher really liked it, actually! I totally agree about poetry being fluid, and my teacher really makes this clear.

    I’d love to read your book. Do you have a synopsis? The title sounds intriguing!

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  4. Hi Emily,

    Great! Love it. I hope your teacher got it. Creativity can’t be contained and shouldn’t You have a great rich poetic style.

    Love it!


    PS. I just had my book, Chronolocity beta read so it will be closer to summer before I am ready to rerelease it. I think you get my character, Levy. He thinks the same way as you.

    On Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 7:52 AM In the Silence Between wrote:

    > Emily Faith posted: ” they’ll take the crayons from youpry your > fingers(stubborn they are, they say)off its waxy labelsand tell you –Roses > Must Be RedThe Sky Must Be BlueSugar Is Always Sweet –and what boxes fit > youthey’ll tell you your life is art –messy abstract art(within ” >

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