about me

Hi! I’m Emily, and thanks for stopping by my blog, In the Silence Between.

I’m a writer, musician, artist, and dedicated student. Through middle school, I was homeschooled, but I’m currently enrolled in a public high school. I actually enjoy going to school every day (well, almost every day). Yeah, I’m weird. But seriously, I’m blessed to have an amazing education.

I love learning, and I’m passionate about the discovery of new things and the advancement of humanity. My parents say I’ve always been curious, which is probably why I’m especially interested in science fiction. There’s something about space and the future that excites me. I think it’s the unknown, and all the questions it brings.

I’m passionate about my Christian faith, and I got baptized this past spring. God is the reason why I am where I am now, and my story can’t be separated from Him!

Also, I feel very strongly about equality, empowerment, and diversity. I love exploring different aspects of ourselves and applying that in my writing. Lately, personality typing has become an interest of mine, specifically Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram. In case you were wondering, I’m an INTJ-T and a 1w9.

Outside of school and writing, you can find me reading, decorating my bullet journal, practicing electric bass, or just chilling with the fam watching tv shows.

My Favorites

movies – Star Wars films, Marvel films

TV shows – Star Wars: Clone Wars, Star Trek: The Next Generation, 24

books – Star Wars: Republic Commando

music – big band jazz, Lauren Daigle, Sleeping at Last, (and lately) Daft Punk

And now … here are some Peanuts comic strips that make me smile. They’re really uncannily accurate depictions of my life!

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